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Para sa mga kaibigan sa larangan ng visual arts and design, inaanyayahan po kayo ng IPOPHL na sumali rito.

Go, go, go!


Rules and Regulations


A. The competition will be composed of two stages: the Philippine National Selection Phase (semi-finals) and the ASEAN Regional Selection Phase (finals).

B. The objective of the Competition is to raise awareness about the importance of intellectual property rights in designs, specifically in the Jewellery Industry.

C. All jewellery pieces submitted as entries must be actually made, executed, and produced. Unexecuted jewellery designs will not be accepted.

D. All entries must have been created after 15 February 2015.


A. To be entitled to participate, one must comply with the following requirements:

1. Filipino citizen;
2. Age 18 and above; and
3. Philippine passport valid for travel on September 2015 (with 6 mos. validity from date of travel).

B. The Competition is open to all, whether jewellery designer, professional in the industry, students, crafts persons, or jewels artists, with or without experience.

C. Participants may be an individual or a group of designers. For group participants, each member of the group should be a Filipino citizen and above the age of 18.

D. A single individual shall be designated as the representative of the group. The representative must hold a valid Philippine Passport for travel on September 2015, and shall be entitled to receive the prize for the national selection phase and the regional selection phase, should the group entry win. The IPOPHL shall communicate all matters relating to the Competition to the designated representative of the group.


A. Each participant may submit multiple entries. Each entry may consist of either a single piece of jewellery, or a collection composed
of up to three (3) pieces maximum.

B. An entry submitted as a collection shall be assessed and judged as a whole, and not individually.

C. Each entry shall be submitted by accomplishing one (1) Submission Form.

D. Each entry shall be composed of the following, in English:
1. Accomplished submission Form;
2. Two (2) Copies of the following documents saved in CD Format:

a. CURRICULUM VITAE of the Individual Participant or Members of the Group, in case of group entry, in Word or PDF format, indicating the following:
i. Participant/s Data- name and surname, gender, date of birth, passport number, nationality, and contact details; and
ii. Resume- Previous professional experience, if any, school education, educational and vocational training, and skills.

i. At least three (3) pictures of the piece/s contained in the entry, in tiff or jpg format, 300 dpi, at least 10 x 15 cm in size;
ii. At least one of the pictures must show the piece/s only, with a neutral background;
iii. At least one of the pictures must show the piece/s as worn by a person;
iv. The pictures must be of good quality, showing clearly the details of the design;
v. Participants may also submit a video recording showing the entry, if they choose to do so.

c. TECHNICAL RECORD OF EACH OF THE JEWELS CONTAINED IN THE ENTRY, describing sizes, materials and techniques used, and year of design and production;

d. CONCEPT REPORT OF EACH ENTRY PRESENTED, explaining the themes and inspiration sources that would allow understanding of the piece and
appreciating its singularities. The explanation shall not exceed 2,000 characters.

3. All files and pictures must be saved in CD format and two (2) copies of the CD must be submitted for each entry.

E. Digital information about the entries and pieces must be clear and accurate, as it may appear in catalogues, booklets, and promotional materials promoting the competition.

F. Deadline of submission for entries is at 5:00 p.m. on MAY 20, 2015. Entries are to be submitted via hand-carry or post to:
INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE OF THE PHILIPPINES (IPOPHL) 16th Floor, Intellectual Property Centre,28 Upper McKinley Road, McKinley Hill Town Center, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City 1634 Philippines. Attention: Atty. Jennifer E. Laygo

G. Incomplete entries, or those not complying with the foregoing rules shall be disqualified. Those received beyond the deadline shall be
considered as not having been submitted.

H. For the Philippine National Phase, the top Five (5) Philippine entries shall be chosen by a panel of judges.

I. Judging Criteria – For the Philippine National Phase selection, entries shall be judged by assessing the technical, aesthetic, innovation, and originality aspects of the jewellery presented.

J. All decisions of the Philippine National Jury or Panel of Judges shall be final and shall not be subject to reconsideration.

K. All five (5) selected Philippine National Phase Semi-Finalists shall be awarded a Certificate of Recognition to be issued by the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines.


A. From the Five (5) Philippine National Phase Semi-Finalists, the ASEAN Expert Regional Jury will select one (1) entry to represent the
Philippines and join the winners’ podium.

B. The winners’ podium will have the chance to showcase their selected entries in a collective exhibition during the 56 BKK Gems & Jewellery Fair to be held in Bangkok, Thailand in September 2015.

C. During the Fair, an awards giving ceremony will be held, wherein each of the winners will be given time to explain to the audience the characteristics and values of their pieces.


• One (1) Round-Trip ticket and accommodations to Bangkok, Thailandto attend the 56th BKK Gems & Jewellery Fair in September 2015;
• Trophy to be awarded during the Awarding Ceremony;
• A chance to showcase the entry in a collective exhibition during the 56 BKK Gems & Jewellery Fair; and
• A Study Visit / Internship to the John Hardy Company in Bali, Indonesia.


A. The language of the competition and all documents and materials to be submitted shall be in English.
B. Any intellectual property rights arising from all entries shall always belong to the participant.
C. Any participant found to be infringing any intellectual property rights shall be liable to legal action, forfeiture of any prizes, and/or
D. By submitting an entry, the participant warrants that his/her submission is an original work which does not infringe any
intellectual property rights and does not violate any Philippine laws, regulations, or official issuances.
E. The participants accept that the information contained in their entries or any materials and information submitted may be included
in promotional and advertising materials for the competition, in print or digital format, in promotional material for the 56th BKK Gems
& Jewellery Fair, and promotional and advertising materials of the ASEAN, the ASEAN IP Offices, and OHIM.
F. Participation in the ASEAN Jewellery Design Competition 2015 implies full acceptance of these regulations and conditions.

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