Friday, February 28, 2014

Bebang Siy featured in a Rappler article about women and arts

(En)gendered form and content: Pinay artists speak up and stay strong
by Libay Linsangan Cantor

MANILA, Philippines — Women and artistry go hand in hand. But when faced with obstacles due to gender biases, sometimes their art transforms into advocacy.

Filipina artists shine in many fields. Their paintings, music, films, books, stage plays, performances and photographs are honored and renowned. Decade after decade, they are celebrated both locally and internationally.

But as they share their thoughts on being creators, some gendered struggles still exist. Sometimes, the struggles come from their own self-journeys. Sometimes, what they’re battling are social systems that reflect oppressions.

Yet no matter what they go through, they still embrace their respective muses and strive to produce, to create, and to excel. More importantly, they also try to encourage fellow women like them to pursue their dreams. They always aspire to be creative, and they inspire to create as well.

For the commemoration of National Arts Month, here are some thoughts on creativity from our established and emerging artists today. Filipinas shine with their art, and art becomes a statement of being strong.

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Daghang salamat, Libay, kapatid! Mabuhay!

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