Friday, February 14, 2014

Consider writing awit

On the 16th February, it will be the 100th day after Yolanda.

The Foundation for Advancing Wellness, Instruction, and Talents (AWIT) deemed it necessary to commemorate 100 days of challenge, change, and chance to recover after a disaster, natural or not.

In line with the National Arts Month festivities, we invite you to re-live the dying art of awit or auit, literally defined as song, to celebrate life as well as death.

Consider writing awit, a prehispanic quatrain composed of 12 syllables per line, which our editorial board will collect after a month. Post


Espanya, Estados Unidos, at Hapon

Ang saksi sa aming pagtumba’t pagbangon.

Hayan, ngayong ikaw itong nagkatsansa --

Kaya mo ba kaming lupigin, Yolanda?

Foundation AWIT is a non-profit non-government organization that aims to uplift the well being of special populations through research and capacity building by integrating heath (wellness), education (instruction) and creativity (talents).

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