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What : Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc. [IBGFI] will hold its
Musical Playwriting Competition 2013

When : Wednesday. 07th August 2013
Registration begins at 2.00pm
Tee off starts at 3.00pm

Who : IBGFI Panel of Judges:
Ms. Girlie Rodis, Mr. Leo Martinez, Direk Soxie Topacio,
Ms. Emily Abrera, Ms. Alicia Herrera
Dr. Luciana Urquiola, Prof. Ludendorffo Decenteceo,
Ms. Celeste Legaspi and Mr. Ignacio B. Gimenez

Where : Eurotel Hotel
#49 Bulacan Street
Barangay Bungad, Quezon City
Telephone: + [02] 376.7096 to 99

Why : The Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc. is working towards raising awareness for the musical playwriting competition which opens the opportunity for talented Filipinos who demonstrate a commitment to bringing out their writing skills.

About Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc.

As a successful businessman, Mr. Ignacio B. Gimenez has long been passionate about supporting the Filipino community by creating employment and thus security for Filipino families. This lifelong undertaking has led him to create the Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc.

The IBGFI is a privately owned and controlled institution established to support the promotion of arts, education, culture, skills, health and social growth within the Filipino society. The Foundation also provides a platform for the performance and exhibition of diverse artistic productions. Its creative programs include the sponsorship of the building of theatrical establishments and the production of performances, festivals, exhibitions, cultural research, outreach programmes and the preservation and publication of materials about Philippine arts and culture.

The IBGFI designs, develops, organizes and finances projects in these areas to develop homegrown talent and display Filipino talent worldwide.

For inquiries, please contact:
Richie M. Pineda
Office: + [02] 628.0000 local 329


IBGFI Musical Playwriting Competition 2013

This document has information on what Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc. [IBGFI] requires in a manuscript, rules and regulations in judging this playwriting competition. THUS THIS DOCUMENT SERVES AS A GUIDE TO THE PANEL OF JUDGES IN OFFICIATING THE COMPETITION.

We invite all interested participants to join and submit your entries to IBGFI’s initial playwriting competition!

Competition Rules and Conditions

1]. Ignacio B. Gimenez Foundation, Inc. [IBGFI] Musical Playwriting Competition 2013 is open to all Filipinos who are eighteen [18] years old and over, amateurs and published writers alike.
2]. Entrants should write a script [libretto] for a musical play of approximately ninety [90] minutes in length which is suitable for dramatization. This should include the CD recording of songs. Please be advised to comprehend and observe the time limit or consumption of your play before sending the same. The play should have a maximum of twenty-five [25] characters including minor characters. It can be on any subject. The play should be accompanied by a short synopsis [about a page], which outlines the complete story of the play.
3]. The play must be written entirely in English and manuscripts should be typed if possible on A4 paper.
4]. The play entered in the competition must not - at the time it is submitted - have been offered for publication, performance or broadcast in any other form or media to any other person or company nor entries must not have been previously published or submitted in any other competition. All entrants must certify the originality of their submitted entries.
5]. If, for whatever reason, the entrant wishes to be known publicly under a different name or a screen name [including professional or personal reasons], this should be indicated on the entry form and have it reiterated to the Organizer should they need clarification. Please note that plays will be judged anonymously throughout the competition by the panel of judges.

6]. Judging Process. The panel of judges shall give points to all entries received based on the following criteria:
* Storyline - 20%
* Music composition - 25%
* Singability - 25%
* Originality/Creativity - 15%
* X-Factor [Judges' discretion] - 15%

All nine [9] judges will read and listen the submitted manuscripts for their review. There will be no screening committee.
Out of all the received manuscripts, the panel of judges shall then short-list five [5] outstanding entries by the same criteria and shall collectively rank them first, second and third placers.
In the event the judges cannot come to a consensus, they shall set the procedure through a vote, whereby, the entries that would garner the most number of votes shall be declared the official winners. The result of the voting made by the panel of judges is final.
7]. Entrants may submit manuscripts as many as they want. Entries must be submitted through a courier with the subject heading IBGFI Musical Playwriting Competition 2013. Entrants MUST submit ten [10] copies of their manuscripts of which accomplished entry form is attached to the first copy only of their manuscripts. Please write in block letters. All songs included in the manuscripts should be recorded in ten [10] CDs and should be placed in a brown envelop along with the entry form, ten [10] copies of synopsis, and manuscript.
Note that IBGFI only requires the first copy to contain the contact information of the entrant because this is to be kept on the foundation’s file. The rest go to the nine [9] judges and reviews manuscripts anonymously as IBGFI practices equality. For judges’ guidance, these unnamed manuscripts are numbered.
Entrants MUST also save their personal data [refers to accomplished entry form] in a CD and MUST include this in their submission.
Please send your entries to the address below:
IBGFI Musical Playwriting Competition 2013 3/F, Rosario Ortigas Arcade, #42 Ortigas Avenue Extension Rosario 1609 Pasig City Philippines
8]. This competition opens on 07th August 2013 and all musical plays must reach us by midnight [Manila time], 30th April 2014. Entries received after the deadline, will no longer be considered for the competition. The IBGFI shall not be responsible for entries which are not received or which are received after the deadline due to technical failure or for any other reason whatsoever.
9]. By entering the competition, entrants grant IBGFI the right to broadcast and produce the winning entry[ies] on location using a cast of professional actors as IBGFI deems fit and free from any payments, royalties or fees whatsoever.
IBGFI may produce all or any of the three winning manuscripts. The Panel of Judges will decide and choose as to which manuscript will be produced. The guiding criterion is the story is supposed to be a commercial success and will be appreciated by the world.

Play produced by IBGFI will expect the collaboration of the author[s]/writer[s] in the production process. IN CONNECTION WITH THIS, THE WINNING PLAYWRIGHTS/WINNERS WILL BE REQUESTED TO EXECUTE A FORMAL DEED OF ASSIGNMENT IN FAVOR OF IBGFI.
10]. There shall be three [3] winners who shall receive the following cash prizes:
First Place – Php 1,000,000.00
Second Place – Php 500,000.00
Third Place – Php 300,000.00

*All winners will also receive certificates of recognition and attend a prize - giving event. The prizes are as stated and cannot be modified or transferred.

The winners shall grant and transfer to IBGFI all intellectual property, moral and publication rights to the story, including any translations, adaptations or modifications related thereto. IN CONNECTION WITH THIS, THE WINNING PLAYWRIGHTS/WINNERS WILL BE REQUESTED TO EXECUTE A FORMAL DEED OF ASSIGNMENT IN FAVOR OF IBGFI.
It is hereby understood that the cash prizes to be awarded to the winners shall include consideration of such intellectual property, moral and publication rights to the stories and the writers shall not be entitled to any other royalties or fees from earnings, if any, that may result from future publication of, licensing of, production or other transactions involving the same.
It is the intention of IBGFI to promote the growth of musical play in the Philippines and allow entities who may wish to produce the winning play[s] free of charge.
11]. In the case of an entry collaborated by two or more writers, IBGFI will require a written or email confirmation from each writer that they consent or agree to share or divide the cash prizes between themselves, as well as the name of the person to whom the money shall be given as IBGFI shall only present the award to one of them.
12]. Winners agree to take part in any post-competition publicity as required. IBGFI reserves the right to edit or alter the winning entries should it be necessary to make them better fitted or more suitable for dramatization. IBGFI shall require the entrants to collaborate and assist with such adaptations if asked to do so for no further payment.
14]. The prizes must be taken as stated and cannot be modified.
15]. IBGFI reserves the right to withhold prizes, amend the rules or to delay or cancel the competition in whole or in part if it considers necessary or if the entries were later found to contain circumstances beyond the normal or acceptable standard set by IBGFI.
16]. IBGFI lays out a time frame of one [1] whole year process for the competition – this is from announcement of the competition to the announcement of the winners. Say, announcement of the competition is in July 2013 then entrants will have until April 2014 to submit. The announcement of the winners – first, second and third placers will be in July 2014.
17]. Entrants are considered to have accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them upon entering this competition.

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