Monday, October 3, 2011

I like Baguio because...

I like Baguio because of this photo. It was taken by Maricris "Eris" Nucum-Atilano, my best friend since high school. I am a single mother (since my late teens) and it was her who became sort of my partner in crime (i.e. in raising my child). My son and I tagged along whenever her family went on vacation.

She took a photo of me and EJ during our trip to Baguio. She was still learning photography then. There was a drizzle in Camp John Hay and we were trying to get to the nearest available shed. My son was wearing an improvised hat, an empty Popperoo tumbler.

Eris used to tease me for being kuba (hunchback) and she always points to this photo whenever she wants a good laugh.

I miss my best friend. She's in Australia right now with her own family. I feel sad that I can't take a photo of her and her kids.

Baguio City reminds me of Eris. They are both cool.

Copyright of text belongs to Beverly Siy. Copyright of image belongs to Maricris Nucum-Atilano. They were part of the art exhibit Baguio Day is Coming Up held at the Victor Oteyza Community Art Space, 5F, 108 Session Road, 2600 Baguio City last September 2011. Special thanks goes to Mr. Rommel Pidazo for his assistance in putting up the photo and a copy of the essay for the exhibit.

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