Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Letter of Commendation for NBI Staff in Marikina Satellite Branch

July 11, 2016

National Bureau of Investigation Satellite Branch
E-com Building, Marikina Riverbanks, Marikina City

Dear Mr. Vallido:

Re: Commendation – Catherine Nicolas and staff of NBI Marikina Riverbanks Satellite Branch

The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly commend Catherine Nicolas and the NBI Marikina Riverbanks Satellite Branch staff for the excellent service they have provided to me, who is six months pregnant, throughout my transaction and queries last July 8, 2016. In my opinion, the level of assistance that they have extended to me was truly reflective of good public service.

I arrived in your office at around 12:15, I was scheduled in the morning that day, but due to the stormy weather (Typhoon Butchoy), I had to wait until the flood in Anonas Street, Quezon City subsided. Upon my arrival, I was immediately assisted by one of your staff. She informed everyone who came before me that I was being given priority status because of my pregnancy. The encoding staff, after confirming my payment and taking my photo and fingerprints, told me that I needed to come back on July 18 because, “may hit po kayo.”

I was very alarmed. My name is not common and I have never experienced it in my walk-in NBI applications before. I told the encoder I needed the clearance that day, I also asked if there was a possibility I could be informed of the reason behind the “hit”. The encoder replied, “hindi po namin alam. NBI Main na po ‘yan.” I asked for the contact number of the NBI Main and the person whom I could talk to. There was no reply. I asked if there was someone else in that satellite branch whom I could talk to, a supervisor or a manager. One of the female staff directed me to Ms. Catherine Nicolas, a cashier.

At the inner office, Ms. Nicolas told me that the OIC, Mr. Vallido, is on his way to the NBI Main, so they could not assist us. She also told me that I had to go to NBI Main if I wanted my clearance or the information I needed on that day. Since I am pregnant and going to NBI Main in a stormy weather will be very, very difficult, I asked again for the contact number of the NBI Main and the name of the person I could talk to. The male staff inside the inner office dropped a name, a certain Mam Meann. I asked if they could call Mam Meann since there was a landline in front of us. Ms. Nicolas made the initiative to call her up and immediately handed me the phone receiver so I could make my queries.

Miss Mary Ann “Meann” Mangaloso, programmer of the ICT NBI Main, explained to me the process very well. She told me the possible reason behind the “hit” on my name. I was very enlightened. Information empowers everyone. She also told me, I could possibly get my clearance that afternoon. Unfortunately, bad elements such as poor internet connection and suspension of work (half day) due to typhoon Butchoy interceded. I explained this to the entity where I was supposed to submit my NBI clearance and I was told that I could submit it as soon as it is available.

I was impressed by the assistance provided by Ms. Nicolas and other members of your staff that I believe I needed to go on record with my praise. These public servants truly deserve it. I was able to receive information without going to the NBI Main on a stormy weather. In an era where exceptional one-to-one service excellence has virtually disappeared from our government, the work that Ms. Nicolas and your staff did should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate.

In closing, I believe that Ms. Nicolas and your staff truly deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing excellent public service well beyond the expectations of an ordinary Filipino citizen like me.

I have posted this letter on my Facebook wall and on my eight-year old blog (babe-ang.blogspot.com). I will also send a copy of this letter addressed to the personnel department of the NBI Main through email, fax and courier.

Congratulations and more power.

Very sincerely,

Writer, Translator and Copyright Advocate

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