Saturday, February 9, 2013

Updated things to do

1. edit ang nuno
2. submit nuno to mam nida
3. write gospy
4. edit essays from marawi
5. translate ken spillman's work
6. email the cv of poy to mam susan and to angge

7. write outline for the miriam talk
8. compile all comics script
9. try to write poetry for kids from the comics script-isali sa palanca, baka manalo
10. try to write poetry based on sagada story-isali sa KWF baka manalo
11. try to write one more chapter for high school-isali sa palanca, baka manalo
12. write kapikulpi column

wah. ito lang ang nagawa ko kahapon. dami pa things to do!

eto pa pala. proposal for ramon magsaysay! hay, tambak!

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