Sunday, September 27, 2015

Logo Design at Copyright

Nagkakagulo ngayon sa mundo ng logo design at copyright. Apparently, may isang grupong maghahabla sa IPOPHL dahil ninakaw daw nito ang design na ginawa nila at ito ay ginawang logo ng IPOPHL. It turned out, may middle man sa naging transaksiyon dito. At ito ay ang Design Center of the Philippines. Inutusan ng IPOPHL ang DCP na gumawa ng logo. Ang ginawa ng DCP, nag-hire ng agency para lumikha ng logo. Nang magawa na ito, ang DCP ang nag-present sa IPOPHL at inapprove naman ito ng IPOPHL. Hindi alam ng agency, ginagamit na pala ang kanilang dinisenyong logo!

Aha! Sino ngayon ang dapat managot? Kaabang-abang.

Pero sa ngayon, heto ang statement ng IPOPHL mula sa kanilang website na

IPOPHL statement on its logo This statement is in reaction to the article posted on September 22, 2015 by one Kristian Kabuay entitled “Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines steals Baybayin logo”, in the website and other similar posts and blog comments. The IPOPHL logo was designed by the Design Center of the Philippines (DCP) in consultation with IPOPHL officials sometime in August 2011 pursuant to a Memorandum Of Understanding dated July 2011. The concepts of creativity, innovation, colors, and various facets of IP, served as guidance for the logo design. The IPOPHL logo was launched in October 2011 and has been in continuous use to date. The issue on the logo came to the attention of the IPOPHL only on May 25, 2015 or after almost 4 years from its launching, when Baybayin Buhayin, Taklobo Baybayin, Inc. and John Nicolas Lacap Leyson (herein called Baybayin Group) through its counsel sent a demand letter, demanding, among others, for compensation for the design, concept and use of the logo. It must be stressed that IPOPHL has never met nor transacted with any of the officers or members of the Baybayin Group from conceptualization until finalization of the logo. Contrary to the allegation that the Baybayin Group was ignored by IPOPHL officials, meetings with the Group were called on four separate occasions (June 8 and 24, July 14, and August 3, 2015) to clarify their claims and address their concerns. However, when asked how the issue could be resolved, the Baybayin Group, in one of the meetings, reiterated their demand that they be compensated and quoted the amount of PhP 500,000, which IPOPHL declined outright, considering that the same had no factual and legal basis. Baybayin characters are commonly used as in the logos of several government agencies such as the National Museum, National Library, NCCA, AFP and others. Baybayin is an ancient script, and no one has the exclusive right to use it. - See more at:

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